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At DEI we offer a range of services learned throughout years of motorsport experience. 

We offer full service for design projects from start to finish, if you have an idea of a part or piece you need we can make it happen. Years of experience in electrifying cars to have full data acquisition systems and stand alone ECUs and serves a range from full loom design and install to basic sensor wiring. Helping understand a teach how to understand a race car from a vehicle dynamics point of view to bring out the most performance in your car. This can be from determining the best springs and damper settings for your car to helping determine what aero modifications should be done for handling and performance.

At DEI we offer many more services than just these alone. At DEI we strive to make sure the customer is happy and gets the absolute most out their racing experience. We can help all from a phone call to a full service fly-in job.

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